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Nanotechnologies of Multifunctional Materials and Soft Matter (NMM)

Responsible: Massimiliano Cavallini

Research topics

1. Organic field effect transistors (OFETs)
2. Growth and self-organization
3. Patterning of soft-matter
4. Scanning probe microscopies
5. Bio-transducers and bio-sensors based on OFETs
6. Unconventional nanofabrication


To understand and control the nanoscale properties of molecular materials and soft matter in functional systems and devices.

We are interested in:
i) the physics of ultra-thin film (i.e. a few monolayer thick) organic field effect transistors (OFETs)
ii) the mechanism of charge injection through OFETs with electrodes functionalised with self-assembly monolayers (SAM).
iii) correlation of nucleation and growth of organic semiconductor thin film with OFET response;
iv) aggregation of amyloidogenic proteins, and their sensing with OFETs;
v) self-organized nanostructures in confined environments;
vi) patterning DNA, proteins, viable cells;
vii) advanced SPM tools: EFM, 2nd mode NC-AFM, STM/AFM in situ and real time.
viii) monitoring the evolution of biomolecules (DNA, beta amyloid peptides) in a solution with OFET based sensors;
ix) monitoring cell signals from neural networks using OFETs.
x) 2-D and 3D pattern for regenerative medicine.

Research projects


Four Scanning Probe Microscopes in ambient: Veeco AP-CP, TMX 2000; two NT-MDT SMENA for EFM/MFM;
Two AFM in liquid NT-MDT mounted on inverted fluorescence microscope Olympus IX 71;
AFM NT-MDT SMENA in high-vacuum;
Home-built UHV-STM;
Organic (with three Knudsen cells) and metal growth (with 5 mini-e-gun) chambers in high vacuum connected to Variable Temperature UHV-STM-AFM Omicron 50-500 K;
SEM-FEG Hitachi S4000 with EBL JN;
Mask Aligner K&S MJB-4;
Soft lithography;
Nanoimprint lithography press Weber 10";
Fully equipped cell laboratory;
Contact Angle Digidrop;
Specroscopic ellipsometry Jobin Yvon;
XRDiffractometer Rigaku Smartlab;
Two Fluorescence Microscopes Nikon Eclipse and inverted fluorescence microscope Olympus IX71;
Polarizing Microscopes Leitz;
Wire Bonder;
Device Physics in high vacuum and controlled atmosphere (Keithley acquisition electronics).



Università di Bologna, Modena, Pisa, Milano, Trieste, SISSA, Firenze

Istituto Neurologico Besta, Milan
Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan
Centro di Medicina Rigenerativa "S. Ferrari" Modena
Polizia Scientifica Bologna

Universitè Libre de Bruxelles
University of Cambridge
University College London
University of Edinburgh
Technical Universitaet Eindhoven
University of Groningen
Université de Strasbourg
Max-Planck Gesellschaft Mainz
Universitè de Mons-Hainaut
Ludwig Maximilians Universitaet- Munich (CENS)
CNRS Strasbourg
Universitaet Tuebingen
Institute for Experimental Medicine-Hungarian Academy of Sciences
CSIC-ICMAB Barcelona
Univesidade do Algarve, Faro

Philips Research Labs, Eindhoven
STMicroelectronics Catania
Centro Ricerche G. Natta, LyondellBasell, Ferrara
BASF, Basel
Scriba Nanotecnologie Srl


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