Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is the chemistry of compounds that contain the element carbon. The organic molecules spread from the tissue of the plant to the plastic of your keyboard, from the neurons to the dyes on your t-shirt. All the living things from microbes to elephants are based on organic reactions, and organic reactions provide the energy that drives our muscles and our thought processes.We view display screens made of organic liquid crystal, or now it has become very popular the OLED technology, acronym for Organic-LED; natural and synthetic organic molecules enhance our health like drugs and deodorant. 


The history of this discipline starts in the 19th century whit a very simple reaction by Friedrich Wöhler. This German chemist put an end to the believing that all the organic molecules could be made only from the nature and not being synthetize by humans trough reactions between two “non living” substances. The reaction he carried out leads to a compound called urea (a component of urine) and was made by heating an aqueous solution of the inorganic compound ammonium cyanate. With this discovery, the synthesis of an organic compound began the evolution of the organic chemistry as a scientific discipline.


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