OLIMPIA ESR/ER Training Program

OLIMPIA will offer 12 Individual training research projects for early stage researchers (ESR) and 6 experienced researchers (ER) will be  employed at industrial partners, which is needed to correlate and make available to the training program the more technological activities in the first phase of the project.

OLIMPIA consortium offers a hybrid (inter-disciplinary and inter-sectorial –academic/industrial-) training program approach based on a bottom-up research model that will open the way for this novel supra-disciplinary field as the key for generating innovations and ideas that could results in reliable product applications appealing for biomedical, pharmaceutical and technological industry and for ultimate benefit of public health

The final goal of OLIMPIA training network is to mentor and provide the next generation of scientists with skills to face the key frontline challenges in optoelectronics for neuroscience. In order to successfully achieve this final goal, OLIMPIA will pursue the following training objectives including local and network-wide actions:

To provide personalized individual training though Individual Research Projects and a Complementary Training Programme that fulfills the requirements for transfer of relevant knowledge and gaining of skills in the field of optoelectronics for neuroscience.

To provide researchers with high quality network-wide training (e.g. organization of training and transfer of knowledge, workshops, summer schools) and local training (training opportunities such as PhD programs, local courses and modules), aimed at synchronizing integration of research activities performed by ESRs and ERs within local research teams, reinforcing complementary skill training and disseminating knowledge and results, thereby fully exploiting the network potential and complementarities.

To transfer existing and new knowledge between the 9 participating institutions thus creating and reinforcing, when already existing, a long-lasting collaboration for the formation of a European network of knowledge on Optoelectronics for Neuroscience. In this sense, all the ESRs and ERs will be encouraged to perform at least one secondment in a different node, giving priority to the multidisciplinary and intersectorial character of these secondments.

Informations on available position for olimpia training network can be found on Open position.


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