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Nanofabrication Laboratory No.108b

The Nanofabrication lab has different facilities, such as one laminar flow hood, 1 chemical hood, 2
aerated lockers for chemicals, 2 ovens, 2 Spin-Coaters, 2 fridges, a clean room where is placed a Mask Aligner K&S MJB4 and a Weber press and a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM-FEG Hitachi S4000) equipped with Electron Beam Lithography JNB.. Concerning the surface cleaning is available a Plasma chamber, PelcoEasiGlowTM 91000 (Glow DischargeCleaning System). This lab is equipped with several gas lines: ultra-pure and technical grade nitrogen, oxygen and argon. The main activities carried out in this lab are the following: i) lithographical processes, ii) nanoimprinting, iii) surface treatment, iv) basic electronic operations, v) imaging on micro lengthscale, vi) manufacturing of nano-patterns etc.

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