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Organic Electronics lab No. 115a-Ultra High Vacuum Scanning Probe Microscope OMICRON

The Scanning Probe Microscope, Omicron VT SPM XA series (Omicron Nanotechnology GmbH, Germany), operating at variable temperature (from 50-500 K) in UHV (10-11 mbar) equipped with Organic Material Effusion cell for in-situ real-time growth experiments. Can operate as Atomic Force Microscope, Scanning Tunneling Microscope. The system integrates five high and ultra-high vacuum chambers: fast-entry lock; organic growth chamber with three Knudsen cells; Ar-ion sputtering; metal deposition chamber with two mini-e-guns; analysis chamber; UHV SPM chamber.

Contact Person: Dr. Cristiano Albonetti.

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