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- SPM Laboratory No.109-Scannin Tunneling Microscope TopoMetrix

- SPM Laboratory No.109

- SPM Laboratory No. 109-Contact angle system

- SPM lab No.109-SPM SOLVER BIO equipped with a fluorescent microscope OLYMPUS

- SPM lab No.109-SMP Stand alone SMENA

- SPM lab No.109-Fluorescence Microscope NIKON

- SPM lab No.109-Ellipsometer HORIBA

- Organic Molecular Beam Deposition (OMBD)

- Organic Electronics Laboratory No. 115a

- Organic Electronics lab No. 115a-Wire Bonder

- Organic Electronics lab No. 115a-Ultra-high-vacuum growth chambers

- Organic Electronics lab No. 115a-Ultra High Vacuum Scanning Probe Microscope OMICRON

- Organic Electronics lab No. 115a-The Scanning Probe Microscope operating in HV

- Organic Electronics lab No. 115a-Integral home-built setup for performing electrical measurements and experiments on nanostructured devices under controlled atmosphere: high-vacuum, gas, air

- Organic Electronics lab No. 115a-High-vacuum home-built system for performing in situ and real-time electrical characterization of organic thin-film transistors OTFTs

- Optical Nanoprobes

- Nanosecond laser spectroscopy

- Nanofabrication Laboratory No.108b

- Nanofabrication lab No.108b-The Scanning Electron Microscope

- Nanofabrication lab No. 108b-Weber press for nanoimprinting

- Nanofabrication lab No. 108b-Mask Aligner

- Nanofabrication lab No. 108b-Glow Discharge Cleaning System

- Nanochemistry Laboratory No.406

- Nanochemistry lab No.406-Scanning Probe Microscope Multimode 8 (Bruker)

- Nanochemistry lab No.406-Q150R Rotary-PumpedSputterCoater

- Nanochemistry lab No.406-Fluorescent Microscope NIKON

- Nanochemistry lab No.406-Electrochemistry setup- AutolabType III

- Nanobiotechnology Laboratory No.120

- IR and Raman spectroscopy

- Hybrid Integrated Growth System (HIGS)

- Femtosecond laser spectroscopy

- Facility for Liquid Helium production

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